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How do I know when my brick or stone  building requires pointing / tuckpointing? The Kansas City area is in one of the worst freeze/thaw cycle zones in the country. During winter, temperatures  often fluctuate above and below the freezing point. This allows water to enter problem spots and cracks and  re- freeze, causing expansion and breakage problems for our brick and stone structures if they are not  maintained. If there are cracks, missing bricks, and or crumbling masonry/mortar joints, these conditions do require  maintenance which includes pointing. Pointing ( tuckpointing ) is the process of replacing the mortar to  a correct depth in order to structurally maintain and protect a masonry wall. Re- pointing is a maintenance  necessity in masonry walls as mortar is not expected to last as long as the brick which it supports. Mortar Failure 1. Mortar that is cracked, missing or deteriorating. 2. Mortar that has been pointed (tuckpointed) improperly causing adverse    effects.