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KC Masonry 2016 Year In Review

Masonry 2016 2016 Year In Review An Ingrained Passion for Masonry Projects for  Brick  & Stone in  Kansas City , MO. Install  Brick  or Stone Patios, Walks, and Steps. Install a  Brick , Stone or Block Wall.  Repair  a  Brick , Stone or Block Wall.  Brick  or Stone Tuck-Pointing. Install or Completely Replace  Brick  or Stone Siding.  Repair  or Partially Replace  Brick  or Stone Siding. Kansas City Masonry, the region’s foremost custom masonry and masonry restoration company, provides all services for brick, stone, or block including building, repairing, restoring and preserving. As a contractor who provides exceptional service to our clients through prompt, responsive communication, steadfast professionalism, and the ability to meet and exceed expectations, we at Kansas City Masonry are known for our incredible competence and dependability. Past clients include The KC Art Institute, The Leavenworth County Courthouse, KU Medical Center and countless residential clients. B

Kansas City water feature Fountain fountain at Stonecrest

Did you know:  Kansas City  is known as the “City of Fountains ” with more  fountains  than any city in the world except Rome.  FOUNTAIN  REPAIR &  RESTORATION FOUNTAIN  INSTALLATION POND  FOUNTAIN  WATER  FOUNTAIN CUSTOM WATER FEATURES GARDEN & OUTDOOR  FOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN  LIGHTS POOL MAINTENANCE POOL CONSTRUCTION POOL MANAGEMENT POND AERATION FLOATING  FOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN  . The Casa Bella  Water feature Kansas City / Another amazing masonry fountain and patio by Kansas city Masonry. High end  water features Kansas city , landscape fountains Kansas city, masonry stone, fountain company. Our custom water feature design and installation can include fire, architectural ... The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers  of Kansas City Kansas City's Masonry Restoration and Repair Partner.  has provided historic preservation consulting, masonry repair, masonry maintenance, Water feature , fountain, Kansas Cit