In our ever-evolving world, a master craftsman, adept in the field and art of masonry, is able to easily distinguish the differences in a building that was erected at the turn of the 20th century and one that was built decades later. In the specialty area of historic masonry repair and restoration, this knowledge helps to identify a structure’s problem and its core cause. Our team of focused and skilled professionals provide permanent solutions with the highest quality materials and meticulous workmanship.
Being the Midwest’s foremost brick and stone repair and restoration specialist, historic or otherwise, Kansas City Masonry recognizes that the first and one of the most vital elements in a seamless transition between existing and new construction is the accurate color matching of brick or stone and shades of mortar.
Entrusted with projects ranging from minor repairs to extensive multi-million dollar historic restorations, we provide contractor services to all levels of clientele including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial. Our company delivers a project completed passionately and yet realistically through continuous communication, constant dependability and an incredibly competent masonry artist who, through an attention to historical detail, strives for each project to make a strong visual impact.
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